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Dynamic Discounting

We help you fund your activity or boost your margins thanks to Dynamic Discounting.
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Simple & efficient.

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Create and assign discounting policies to your customer and supplier invoices,
in no time.

Simply customize them with respect to your own or your partners treasury's situations.


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Your trade partners accept early payement oportunities,
at today's rate.

Each of your client or supplier is granted with a private access to your early payment opportunities. Their experience is as pleasant as yours.

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Vos relations acceptent les opportunités de paiement anticipé,
au taux du jour.

Chacun de vos clients ou fournisseurs bénéficie d'un accès privé à vos opportunités de paiement anticipé. Leur expérience est aussi belle que la vôtre.

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Funds are travelling from client account to supplier account, without detour, and without delay.

Initiated from Kresus or from an usual banking platform, payments do not transit any third party account.

Responsible, risk-free financing and investment of your cash flow.

Designed for you and your trusted business partners. Real win-win deals.

Evolving rates and secure transfer dates

Offer daily updated discounting rates to your business partners.
No more empty promises of payment thanks to guaranteed transfer dates.

Easy onboarding of your clients ans suppliers.

Quickly onboard all your business relationship in your discount policies thanks to a tailor-made and intuitive experience.

Integrated to your business tools

Connect Kresus to all your treasury, invoicing and operational tools thanks to our secured API and connectors. 
Monitor your activity with intelligence and pass on the right information along your company

Attentive to your needs

Our experts are at your disposal for any issues and specific needs. We will help you get the most of out Kresus, helping you onboard your partners, and your teammates.

Accessible to all without boundaries

Kresus is open to all companies, regardless of financial rating, debt level or seniority. Trade with as many companies as you like, with no minimum volume requirements and no geographical constraints.

They talk about us

Very well.
"Kresus is a brilliant solution to manage cash wisely, enhance commercial relationships while increasing margins. Kresus puts the customer-supplier relationship back at the heart of value creation"

Amaury Chevreux

CFO @ Ekwateur

"Kresus truly is the future of trade finance. A finance that empowers, a finance that respects stakeholders, decentralized, peer-to-peer and without intermediaries. Kresus is also a very educational team which is user-focused."

Nicolas Parent

CFO @ GOconcept

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