Reverse Factoring: the old fashioned way

The world is changing, customer-supplier relationships are evolving, companies are transforming. Everything changes. Except factoring! The financing of the accounts payable has not changed. The same bankers offer the same classical Working Capital financing solutions where the same problems remain: heavy contractualisation with thousands of suppliers , complex implementation, missing connectivity, mandatory KYC, etc.

Finance no longer meets the needs of companies

Nowadays, companies are looking for additional margin points but above all by keeping their Working Capital Requirement.

Today, the ultra-rapid explosion of bank rates is causing an imbalance in corporate financing. On the one hand, companies seek to limit the increase in costs and to protect their WCR. On the other hand, companies are seeking to finance this by all means since financing conditions have tightened.

On top of that, there is an increase in overhead costs and raw materials. This negatively impacts companies' treasury.

No easy Supply Chain Financing solution meet the new expectations of CFOs and Treasury Managers. They want felxibility, easy to set up and easy to use solutions to finance their AP with a perfectly neutral experience for their suppliers (no KYC, no change of process for them) at a limited cost.

At Kresus, we wanted to break with this old model of Reverse Factoring and build the new generation of Supply Chain Finance Solution for Modern Corporates.

Consequently, we co-constructed with our strategic partners a new unique supplier flow payment solution: "supplier payment with deferred debit.

With Kresus you can now pay you suppliers in advance with a discount or at due date and get debited only after up to 90 days, without involving your suppliers.
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