Working capital is key

Easy and rapid access to working capital is one of the essential cornerstones of a healthy business. In today's globalized and uncertain economic environment, it is essential to have the financial capacity to develop and outperform in your market.

At Kresus, we work hard every day to offer our customers and their suppliers maximum value and financial opportunities embedded within our tools, at the heart of an unmatched user experience.


We put positive energy into every task and every interaction with our customers.


We are in constant contact with our users, who help us design solutions tailored to their needs.


We are passionate former financial and entrepreneurial guys


What we do, we do great, without compromise.

Extra mile

Extra mile often comes with extra satisfaction

Notre équipe

Grâce à sa diversité et son enthousiasme, notre équipe offre son énergie et ses motivations dans le but de satisfaire au maximum les utilisateurs de Kresus.
César Vial
Chief Executive Officer
Haris Mebarki
Chief Operating Officer
Thomas Escure
Chief Technology Officer
Mehdi Mammad
Fullstack Developer
Axel Gourlin
Fullstack Developer
Drenusha Gllavica
Data Analyst & Growth Ops
Léa Dessert
Strategic Projects Manager
Mame Adjara Dieye
Business Developer
Gonzague Buisson
Sales Development Representative
Guillaume Coubau
Sales Development Representative
Geofffrey Garnier
Growth Marketer & Sales Ops
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